Short Stories

No Honor
© 2007 Sean J. Logan

The Vampire entered the pub quietly, and headed toward the bar. Without a sound he approached the man sitting on the barstool, who was talking to the bartender. His back was to the creature of the night.

He continued his conversation with the bartender. "You know those kind," the man quipped, "They have no honor." He picked up his Guinness and took a sip, then placed the glass back on the bar. Silently, Jerard withdrew two stilettos from their belt sheaths, one on each hip. He raised the daggers up to the head level of the man on the barstool, pointing inward. In one swift movement, the Vampire slammed the blades into the man's temples, and then withdrew them quickly. The dead patron tumbled off the barstool, onto the floor. Jerard looked down at him, then back up at the bartender, whose mouth was hanging open. Slowly his gaping hole closed, and a sly grin crept onto his face.

The Vampire leaned over and wiped the blades off on the back of the man and slid them back into their sheaths. He then spoke to the crumpled body on the floor. "Hmmm," he said, with a smirk on his face, "Sneaking up on someone and stabbing them..." His face then made a mock surprised expression as he said, "Oops! I guess I really don't have any honor." The smirk returned and he continued, "Then again, I guess you'll never know you proved your point, ass!" His voice rose in volume as he spoke, the last word was shouted in anger.

The Vampire kicked the body out of the way, and sat down on the barstool. He turned to the bartender and snapped, "Stupid fucking humans." The man across the counter nodded. Jerard grumbled something inaudible under his breath and grit his teeth. He shook his head violently to clear his mind and snapped his head back to face the bartender. "One bottle of bloodwyne, Lycan," he growled, and slapped two silver coins on the counter. "And keep the change," he added. The bartender nodded and said, "Coming right up," returning in moments with the bloodwyne and a goblet.

The Vampire snatched the bottle and glass up off the bar and stomped to a table in a darkened corner of the pub to make short work of it.


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